UPDATE – Due to the need to focus on the response to Coronavirus, the Lung Health Check Programme has been paused until further notice.

Useful Information

We have a series of resources where you can find out more about the lung health checks as well as more information on support services in Thurrock and Luton. Links to these are below:

pdf Lung Health Check Leaflet (387 KB)
A leaflet with more information about the service

pdf Lung Health Check Frequently Asked Questions (143 KB)
A selection of FAQs around the programme

pdf FAQs for Health Professionals (170 KB)  
A series of FAQs including clinical questions around the lung health programme

pdf Total Wellbeing Luton Stop Smoking Service (412 KB)  
Details of the stop smoking service in Luton

pdf Thurrock Stop Smoking Service (6.47 MB)  
Details of the stop smoking service in Thurrock

Useful links

Below are a number of useful links to other NHS websites as well as local and national charities that have further information on lung health:

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation - A national charity dedicated to supporting people with lung cancer and funding research into the condition.

British Lung Foundation - A UK wide charity providing help for people affected by a lung condition, funding for research into different lung conditions and running national campaigns on raising awareness lung coniditons and their causes.

About COPD - a link to the British Lung Foundation Website with losts of information on COPD.

Macmillan Cancer Support - The national charity that supports people affected by cancer, including lung cancer.

Cancer Research UK - A charity that funds research into cancer and potential treatments.

St Luke's Hospice - The Hospice in Thurrock and Basildon provides a number of support groups for people in the area, including a number of groups for people affected by cancer.

Thurrock Breathe Easy Group - a support group in Thurrock for people who have a lung condition.

NHS Long Term Plan - Sets out the NHS' plans for the future, including a committment to diagnose more cancers earlier.


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